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Charne and KC 9/2/2018

With our first time at the Spring Event Venue -Angleton sits right here in Angleton, TX is a hidden gem located near the Lake Jackson So naturally this style of venue tell us a few things about our couple before we even start to dig in. One: they are relaxed and fun loving. Two: most likely they want to dance!!!!

When we first talked to Charne and KC we asked them to paint a colorful picture of how they wanted their wedding reception to feel and the music style they wanted to accompany it. In three words, they said “lots of dancing!” Like most of us, they couldn’t just choose their top 3 favorite songs, but rather they wanted a wide variety of music including R&B, Hip-Hop and Soul. Charne LOVES R&B!

Their wedding started off with the ceremony outside . KC’ entrance included a entrance to the ceremony to the song 'Cause I Love You" featuring Lenny Williams. Charne made her grand entrance into the wedding ceremony with the Song "Die with You" Beyonce Following the ceremony was the cocktail hour with R&B Soul vibe music like Marvin Gaye and H.E.R, followed by cocktail hour at the Sycamore House.

For the reception, we set up blue uplighting in the Sycamore. The ambiance of the lighting was incredible and enhanced the already strung market lighting. To kick off the reception, we introduced the parents, family, and wedding party in. Then came Megan + Chris to “Wicked" by Future and they transitioned right into their first dance as a newlywed couple to “Wedding Vow” by Jamie Foxx.

After their first dance they had a champagne wedding toast by one of their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Dinner music vibes included all types: R&B, love songs like Boys II Men, and Mariah Carey. We always enjoy working with Houston Caterer, Cocktails Catering! To make sure they had plenty of time for dancing, we suggested the Parent Dances right after dinner so they could just dance the rest of the night away!

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