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2019 Year End Review of Weddings

Trends are constantly changing in the Wedding DJ industry, and it’s no surprise this is also true for events with music performed by DJs.

While the musical styles and genres may not change as fast in the event DJ space — there will always be standards in the songbook, be they old school hip hop or Abba anthems– there definitely is still changeover, not only in the music itself but also when it comes to Weddings

Remixes and mashups of hit songs are still big From Top 40 to the longer hit lists — are still very big at Wedding. Giving the crowd something they recognize and making it new by mixing it in a new way or with another song or genre is a surefire way to get people drawn to the music. In short, mashups are still hot.

This level of experimentation doesn’t necessarily extend to all wedding events, where things are more traditional, more formal, and where more straightforward renditions are expected.

Wedding DJs are playing a more prominent role

It used to be a wedding DJ would play for the reception, giving the newlyweds the perfect soundtrack for their first dance, and that was about it. Now, however, spinning songs from the entrance of guests, to cocktails, and of course the after-ceremony ending dance. They are also increasingly asked to act as master of ceremonies, making announcements like the start of dinner, start of speeches, time for cake-cutting, etc.

And as culturally curated weddings are increasingly popular, we’re seeing Houston Area DJs hired based on their ability to curate their wedding music selections to the client’s cultural background and traditions. This can include weddings that follow the couples’ own cultural backgrounds to more straightforward themed weddings, such as rustic or country-style weddings, vintage 60s/70s settings, and more.

To make sure your event has the right musical vibe — whether it’s a High End or themed boutique wedding — you’ll want to make sure you hire a Wedding DJ service with both the experience and know-how to make sure the music and feel of the event is contemporary, engaging and perfect for your audience and event vibe you want. As Houston's Top rated Wedding DJ , we know what your event needs and how to execute it perfectly, so contact us.


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