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Cocktail Hour & Dinner Vibes

After the Formal Part of a wedding, the Dancing part is definitely the most anticipated part of the night. Why? because it is. When I talk to most couple, one of the first question I'm asked: What kind of vibe do you create at weddings.? As a DJ / Band or any type of live performer, our job is to create an atmosphere and controlling the vibe and flow of the the couples special day.

Couples and their guests expect to have a great time and create lifetime memories. So Curating the right energy during cocktail hour and dinner to set up the dancing part is very important. As a DJ, it is my job to build up the energy as we get closer and closer to dancing. Playing the right music at the right time is important for the ambience. When meeting your couple, I'm sure to inquire what kind of energy they would like. For both their cocktail hour and dinner music, work with them. I try to learn about their style, what they prefer and also ask them what can we bring to the table to elevate the ambiance. Even though the music might at a lower volume during that time, you must set the mood right because it’s all part of the experience. So we help or they can create a playlist that will create a mood and subtly speak to the guests.

This will set the party to a great start leading to an amazing dancing part of the night.

I am a Professional / Vibe Creator located in Houston,TX, Galveston County, and Greater Houston Areas, Katy, Spring, Conroe, Pearland , My service includes: Private event, corporate events, weddings, school events. If you have any questions about this process I would love to help. Feel free to contact me


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